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Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Manhuas Worth Reading

Manhua, the lively cousin of Japanese manga and Korean manhwa, bursts with cultural and artistic flair unique to China. These graphic novels not only highlight the brilliance of Chinese artists but also give you a glimpse into the social and cultural dynamics of Chinese society.

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A Universe of Hidden Gems:

Manhua offers a wild mix of genres and styles for every reader. Yet, some of the best stories are still hidden gems waiting to be found. If you’re after unique plots with rich cultural vibes, these titles are pure gold. They promise an adventure packed with the joy of finding stories that resonate deeply and challenge your views.

Calling All Fans of Myth and Magic:

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Get ready to be swept away! We’re spotlighting these hidden masterpieces, each with its unique mix of fantasy, drama, and adventure, all crafted by talented Chinese manhua artists. This isn’t just flipping through comics; it’s diving into stories as diverse and dynamic as the culture they come from. These manhua stories are like that weird uncle – unexpected, colorful, and impossible to ignore.

1. Doridosim



Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life


Imagine trying to confess to your crush and you end up confessing to the wrong person! That’s exactly what happens to Kang Dol in “Doridosim.” He gears up to pour his heart out to Yang Yang, but a twist of fate has him declaring his love to Min Dosim, the school’s most popular girl. And guess what? She says yes! What follows is a whirlwind of mix-ups and comedy as Kang Dol tries to navigate this unexpected relationship.

Unique Appeal:

What’s so fun about “Doridosim” is its playful take on classic high school drama. It’s all about the confusion and hilarity that ensues when feelings are misunderstood. The manhua beautifully mixes the awkwardness of teen romance with laugh-out-loud situations, making it a standout for anyone who enjoys a good romantic comedy set in the chaotic halls of high school. If you’ve ever found yourself in a funny mix-up or mistaken identity situation, you’ll find “Doridosim” especially relatable and entertaining.

2. Song of the Long March

Song of the Long March


Historical, Adventure, Drama


So, “Song of the Long March” is basically the epic journey of Princess Li Changge. When her royal family is wiped out in a brutal coup, she doesn’t just sit back. Instead, she disguises herself as a man and dives headfirst into the chaos of the Tang Dynasty, using her wits and martial skills to navigate through the power struggles and battles of the era. It’s all about how she plots her revenge and aims to reclaim her rightful place on the throne.

Unique Appeal:

What really hooks you with “Song of the Long March” is not just its action-packed storyline but how it brings ancient China to life. This manhua is a gem for its strong, intelligent female lead and the deep dive it takes into the tactics and political intrigues of historical warfare. It’s not just about the fights; the strategic battles of wits make it a gripping read. Plus, the artwork is absolutely gorgeous, capturing the grandeur and the grit of the period in a way that pulls you right into the story.

For anyone who loves a good mix of history with some serious strategy and a dash of badassery, this manhua is a must-read. You get to see a woman taking charge in a male-dominated world, making it not just exciting but also inspiring.

3. Ravages of Time

Ravages of Time


Historical, Strategy


Imagine diving into the turbulent “Three Kingdoms” period of China through “The Ravages of Time.” This isn’t your ordinary historical narrative; it’s an intricate reimagining where you get to witness the psychological warfare and shrewd strategies played out by legendary figures like Sima Yi, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei. As these iconic leaders battle for supremacy, the story brings to light their cunning maneuvers and the complex web of alliances and betrayals that shaped Chinese history.

Unique Appeal:

What sets “The Ravages of Time” apart is how it turns ancient history into a gripping chess game. Each character is not just fighting with swords and spears, but with sharp minds and calculated plans. This manhua is a goldmine for those who love tactical depth and cerebral battles. It’s not just about the clashing of armies; it’s about the clashing of intellects. And let’s not forget the detailed character development—these are not mere historical figures; they are deeply fleshed out characters, each with their motives, ambitions, and flaws, making the historical drama feel personal and immediate.

For fans of strategy and intricate plots, this series is a thrilling ride through one of history’s most fascinating periods. It’s like watching a game of 3D chess where every move could turn the tides of fate. Intrigued?

4. Feng Shen Ji

Feng Shen Ji


Fantasy, Action


Alright, so “Feng Shen Ji” throws us right into the thick of things with Wu Geng, this young prince whose life gets flipped upside down after a brutal betrayal. Picture this: the Great Shang dynasty is under the oppressive rule of gods, and Wu Geng is not having any of it. So what does he do? He leads a rebellion against these celestial overlords, fighting for human freedom. It’s all about epic battles, deep mythology, and a fight against destiny itself.

Unique Appeal:

Now, the cool part about “Feng Shen Ji”? It’s not just another action-packed saga. The manhua is a feast for the eyes with its full-color artwork that just pops. Each frame is a masterpiece, really drawing you into the world and the intensity of the battles. But it’s not all about the looks; the story goes deep. Wu Geng’s journey from a vengeful prince to a formidable leader against the gods is something you watch unfold with every issue, getting richer and more complex. It’s got that mix of mythology and drama that hooks you in and makes the characters’ struggles and triumphs hit hard.

For anyone who digs stories where the underdogs take on the mighty, where the battles are as much about wits and courage as they are about brute strength, “Feng Shen Ji” is a must-read. The layers to the story, the stunning visuals, and that gritty challenge against fate make it a standout. Definitely give it a look if you’re into tales of defiance and epic transformations.

5. Blood and Steel

Blood and Steel


Martial Arts, Action


So, “Blood and Steel” takes us right into the heart of the Qing Dynasty’s martial arts scene, where things get pretty intense, pretty fast. Picture this: Yan Heng, a skilled young swordsman from Qingcheng, and Jing Lie, known as the ‘Wudang Hunter’, both survive devastating attacks by the ruthless Wudong sect. They team up, fueled by a shared thirst for vengeance and a journey that’s about way more than just survival—it’s about honor and settling scores.

Unique Appeal:

What’s really cool about “Blood and Steel” is how it mixes bone-crunching martial arts action with a deep dive into the historical setting of the Qing Dynasty. Each fight is a story painted with broad strokes of cultural and historical context. The artwork? Absolutely killer. It captures every movement with such detail that you almost feel the strikes. And the historical backdrop adds a layer of depth that turns each battle into a clash of philosophies and eras as much as fists and swords.

If you’re all about action but want something that also packs a punch in the story department, this manhua is right up your alley. It’s not just fighting; it’s fighting with a purpose, and the journey of Yan Heng and Jing Lie is as much about navigating their internal landscapes as it is about their battles against formidable foes.

6. All The Female Apprentices Want To Kill Me

All The Female Apprentices Want To Kill Me


Action, Mystery


Okay, picture this wild scenario: “All The Female Apprentices Want To Kill Me” takes us into the life of Su Bei, a guy who suddenly finds himself not just in another world but with memories from the 21st century. But wait, there’s more! He’s got this crazy system called “Apprenticeship Up to [10000] Times Feedback” which attracts a bunch of disciples. Sounds cool, right? Except, there’s a twist—each of these disciples, who are destined to be main characters of their own stories and are drop-dead gorgeous, are actually plotting to kill him!

Unique Appeal:

This manhua is like a high-stakes chess game where the chess pieces are plotting against the player. It’s all about the adrenaline-pumping tension and suspense as Su Bei tries to figure out and counter each apprentice’s deadly plans. The character development is a rollercoaster ride; these aren’t just any characters—they’re complex, secretive, and absolutely dangerous. Watching how their relationships with Su Bei evolve (or devolve) into this cat-and-mouse dynamic makes every chapter a gripping read. Plus, the mix of dark secrets, action, and a sprinkle of dark humor makes this not just thrilling but also a fun, unpredictable ride.

So, if you love a good story with layers of mystery, unexpected twists, and characters who keep you on your toes, “All The Female Apprentices Want To Kill Me” is your kind of manhua.

7. I Am The Descendant Of The Divine Dragon

I Am The Descendant Of The Divine Dragon


Fantasy, Adventure


So, there’s this manhua called “I Am The Descendant Of The Divine Dragon,” and it’s all about this guy, Lu Hao, who’s living his life on the Xuan Realm Continent—think martial arts heaven where everyone’s trying to level up like in a video game. Out of the blue, Lu Hao finds out he’s got divine dragon blood running through his veins, which is pretty much the fantasy jackpot. This revelation kicks off his journey filled with epic battles, mysterious powers, and a whole lot of dragon-sized responsibilities.

Unique Appeal:

What’s super cool about this manhua is how it mixes ancient myths with Lu Hao’s personal growth story. Imagine having the power of a mythical creature and figuring out what on earth to do with it—exciting, right? As Lu Hao dives deeper into his powers and past life secrets, we get a ringside seat to some spectacular showdowns and spiritual awakenings. It’s a blend of sword-fighting action and a mystical quest that really spices up the traditional fantasy fare.

If you’re into stories where characters discover amazing powers and face their destiny, you’ll probably dig “I Am The Descendant Of The Divine Dragon.” It’s like watching someone grow from zero to hero, with all the magical trimmings.

8. The Legendary Mechanic

The Legendary Mechanic


Sci-Fi, Action


Imagine getting a second shot at your big gaming session, but this time, you’ve got all the cheat codes. That’s pretty much the life of Han Xiao in “The Legendary Mechanic.” After a freak accident zaps him back ten years in the past and into the game world he loves, but as an NPC, Han’s not just playing—he’s rewriting the rules. Armed with his future game knowledge and badass mechanic skills, he starts tweaking stuff, from spaceships to galactic alliances, all while untangling a massive game-wide conspiracy.

Unique Appeal:

What makes “The Legendary Mechanic” a total standout is how it mashes up intense sci-fi tech with the real-world crunch of mechanical engineering and throws in some high-octane political drama. It’s like Han Xiao is part mechanic, part rebel leader, and part time-traveler, all rolled into one. The manhua takes you on a wild ride through space battles and sneaky strategy, with Han gaming the system in ways that’ll make any sci-fi fan cheer.

If epic space adventures mixed with brainy plots and a dash of “beat the system” vibes sound like your jam, you’ve got to check out Han Xiao’s journey. It’s a universe where every move is a game-changer, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the action.

9. My Female Apprentices Are All Big Shots From The Future

My Female Apprentices Are All Big Shots From The Future


Sci-Fi, Comedy


So, here’s the scoop on “My Female Apprentices Are All Big Shots From The Future”: Imagine a down-and-out Taoist master who, thanks to some cosmic hiccup, ends up a hundred thousand years in the past. But here’s the thing though—he’s not alone. He’s got to deal with a group of apprentices, and these aren’t your average disciples. They’re all high-powered women from the future with some seriously mind-bending abilities. Sounds like a recipe for chaos, right?

Unique Appeal:

What makes this manhua such a blast? It’s the wild mix of futuristic tech and old-school mysticism, all wrapped up in a bunch of hilarious misunderstandings and time-travel twists. The master’s trying to wrangle these powerful women, who have their own ideas about how things should go down, leading to some seriously funny scenarios. It’s part comedy, part sci-fi adventure, and totally entertaining with a side of “what the hell is going to happen next?”

If you’re into stories where the past meets a very quirky future, this is your ticket to a fun ride. Between the laughs and the sci-fi shenanigans, there’s never a dull moment. Want to see how our master handles his super-powered female apprentices from another era?

10. Shenwu Tianzun

Shenwu Tianzun


Martial Arts, Fantasy


Alright, so “Shenwu Tianzun” is not your everyday martial arts story. Imagine a top-tier god, renowned for his unbeatable martial prowess, who gets stabbed in the back—literally—by those he trusted most. Surviving an assassination isn’t easy, but our guy manages to pull it off by hitching a ride in the body of a severely injured kid. Talk about a hardcore comeback plan, right? Now, he’s not just trying to heal up; he’s plotting revenge and aiming to claw his way back to the top of the celestial hierarchy.

Unique Appeal:

What’s super cool about “Shenwu Tianzun” is how it throws you into the thick of celestial politics mixed with high-stakes martial arts drama. From epic battles that could reshape the heavens to intense cultivation showdowns, our hero’s journey from a fallen god to a legendary warrior is nothing short of thrilling. It’s got all the makings of a classic martial arts epic—power struggles, spiritual growth, and jaw-dropping fight scenes that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you love a good tale of redemption, power, and beating seemingly impossible odds, “Shenwu Tianzun” should definitely be on your reading list. Follow our hero as he navigates through his new life, tackling old enemies and making new allies, all in his quest to regain his former glory. It’s like watching an underdog story but with gods, mystical powers, and a whole lot of martial arts flair.

Wrapping Up

Alright, that’s a wrap on our exploration of some seriously cool manhuas that might have slipped under your radar. From the high-stakes interstellar antics of “The Legendary Mechanic” to the quirky time-travel troubles in “My Female Apprentices Are All Big Shots From The Future,” these stories push the boundaries of imagination and draw us into richly crafted worlds.

What hooks us about these hidden gems? They can flip the script on the usual tropes and introduce us to narratives that are anything but ordinary. Whether you’re into the strategic historical depths of “Ravages of Time” or the fantastical twists of “Feng Shen Ji,” something is thrilling about diving into stories that make you rethink the norm.

And hey, if you’re into exploring unique and lesser-known manhuas, why not stick around? Follow this blog for more hidden gems and offbeat manhua titles. There’s a whole world of underappreciated art and stories waiting to be uncovered, and who knows? The next one might just become your new favorite read. For more exciting picks, check out our Top Teen Manhua Series. So, keep those bookmarks handy and let’s keep turning those pages together!



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