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Top 15 Romance Manhwa to Read Now

Introduction to Romance Manhwa

Romance manhwa has swiftly risen to prominence, captivating readers with its blend of heartfelt narratives and visually stunning artwork. Unlike anime and manga, manhwa brings a unique flavor to the table, often distinguished by its deeply emotional storytelling and diverse thematic explorations. Whether set in historical backdrops or modern-day scenarios, these Korean comics offer something for every romance enthusiast. For further romance recommendations, don’t miss the curated selections at Romance Manga Recs, a site dedicated to the best in romance storytelling. Additionally, to understand the nuances differentiating manhwa from its counterparts, explore our detailed comparison of manhua vs manhwa.

Top 15 Romance Manhwa

1. True Beauty: The Essence of Young Love

True Beauty

“True Beauty” stands out as a modern classic in the romance genre. This manhwa delves into themes of self-image, love, and friendship, wrapped in a relatable high school setting. Lim Joo-kyung, grappling with self-esteem issues, transforms her life through the art of makeup, attracting the attention of the school’s heartthrobs. This tale, rich in teenage drama, love triangles, and meaningful life lessons, challenges societal stereotypes, making it a resonate read for a young audience.

2. Positively Yours: A Tale of Unexpected Love

Positively Yours

“Positively Yours” breaks away from typical romance narratives, offering a mature and realistic story. Heartbroken Hee-won’s impromptu decision leads to a life-changing encounter and an unexpected pregnancy. This slow burn romance manhwa, evolving from unforeseen circumstances, is a testament to the unpredictability of love. It offers a refreshing departure from the usual high school and office romance scenarios, striking a chord with readers seeking depth and authenticity in storytelling.

3. Bring The Love: A Historical Romance Journey

Bring The Love

For fans of historical settings, “Bring The Love” is a manhwa that offers a blend of romance and politics. Leah of house Hildebrandt, a strong-headed protagonist, is thrust into the world of political alliances and romantic entanglements. The narrative unfolds with Leah navigating her responsibilities and a blossoming love that adds to the drama. Its rich plot and engaging character dynamics are set against a backdrop of grand balls and political intrigue, making it an enthralling read.

4. See You In My 19th Life: Love Across Lifetimes

See You In My 19th Life

“See You In My 19th Life” introduces readers to the intriguing concept of reincarnation and love that transcends time. Jieum Ban, after a tragic accident, awakens with memories of her past lives. Determined to reconnect with her lost love from her 18th life, Jieum’s journey is a heartfelt exploration of love’s endurance. This manhwa is celebrated for its well-developed characters and emotionally charged narrative, appealing to those who enjoy a blend of romance and mystical elements.

5. An Hour of Romance: Office Love Dynamics

An Hour of Romance

“An Hour of Romance” takes a dive into the popular theme of office romance. Jooahn, a perfectionist, and Dojin, her clumsy junior, find their lives entangled in unexpected ways. This narrative of opposites attracting, set against the backdrop of workplace challenges, offers a humorous and engaging take on romantic relationships. It’s a light-hearted story that skillfully balances comedy with a touch of romance, making it a delightful read for fans of the genre.

6. Orange Marmalade: Vampire Romance Reimagined

Orange Marmalade

“Orange Marmalade” brings a new twist to the classic vampire-human love story. Set in a world where vampires coexist with humans, albeit as a marginalized community, it tells the tale of Baek Ma Ri, a vampire trying to blend in. Her world turns upside down when she meets Jae-min, marking the beginning of a slow-burn romance. This manhwa stands out for its nuanced portrayal of love, acceptance, and the challenges of being different. For a different exploration of romantic manhwa narratives, check out our best yaoi manhwa selections.

7. Unlovable Replacement: Realism in Rom-Com

Unlovable Replacement

“Unlovable Replacement” presents a slice-of-life story that resonates with its realistic depiction of relationships. Chiko Dyer’s journey post-breakup leads him to an unexpected bond with a delivery girl, challenging his notions of love and companionship. This manhwa is a heartwarming blend of romance and comedy, standing out for its authentic portrayal of young adult relationships and the complexities that come with them.

8. Seasons of Blossom: Emotions and Growth

Seasons of Blossom

“Seasons of Blossom” is a poignant manhwa that weaves multiple love stories, each reflecting a different aspect of youth, including mental health, adulthood, and the trials of growing up. This story stands out for its emotional depth and the way it navigates the complexities of young love. The manhwa’s brilliance lies in its portrayal of life’s different seasons, symbolizing the various phases of love and life, making it a profoundly relatable and touching read.

9. He Can’t Be This Dumb: A Romantic Manhwa With Comedic Charm

He Can't Be This Dumb

“He Can’t Be This Dumb” combines humor with romance in a modern high school setting. It follows Kang Doha, a girl from an average family, who unexpectedly finds herself entangled with Rowoon, a handsome but clueless classmate. The story captivates with its light-hearted approach to the classic theme of unexpected love in school, offering a delightful and engaging narrative that’s both charming and whimsically funny.

10. Something About Us: Evolving Childhood Romance

Something About Us

“Something About Us” is a heartwarming tale of childhood friends, Woojin Han and Gayong Doh, whose relationship blossoms into love as they grow older. This manhwa is a celebration of the time-tested theme of friends turning into lovers, distinguished by its realistic character portrayal and relatable interactions. The story’s genuine charm lies in its ability to capture the essence of evolving relationships, making it a must-read for fans of heartfelt romance.

11. Operation: True Love – High School Love with a Twist

Operation: True Love

Operation: True Love” introduces a supernatural element to the classic high school romance manhwa. Su-Ae Sim’s life takes an unexpected turn when a sentient phone, Jellypop, begins to comment on her love life. This manhwa brilliantly blends the ordinary with the extraordinary, offering readers an engaging and unique take on discovering what true love really feels like.

12. See, Hear, Love: Sensory Challenges in Love

See, Hear, Love

“See, Hear, Love” presents a unique love story between Min Geun Soo, a visually impaired manhwa artist, and Jeon So Ri, a deaf girl. Their relationship, born out of shared challenges and a love for art, is a touching exploration of how love can transcend sensory barriers. This manhwa is a testament to the resilience and strength of love, offering a deep and meaningful narrative that is both inspiring and heartwarming.

13. Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion: Isekai Love Story

Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke's Mansion

“Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion” is an isekai romance that turns the trope of a character waking up in a fictional world on its head. Raeliana, an unassuming side character, seeks to change her fate and unexpectedly finds love with Duke Noah Volstaire Wynknight. This is one of the best duke romance manhwa that captivates with its blend of fantasy, romance, and a quest for survival, making it an enchanting read for fans of the genre.

14. A Good Day to Be a Dog: A Unique Love Curse

A Good Day to Be a Dog

“A Good Day to Be a Dog” presents a quirky and unique story where Han Hana, cursed to turn into a dog after her first kiss, must navigate her feelings for Jin Seon, a coworker who fears dogs. This narrative combines romance with a peculiar twist, offering a fresh and entertaining take on love and curses. Its blend of humor and romance makes it an intriguing and enjoyable read.

15. Bastard: A Dark Thriller Romance Manhwa


“Bastard” diverges from the typical romance manhwa by intertwining its love story with a dark and thrilling narrative. It follows Seon Jin, a young man burdened with a terrifying secret: his father is a psychopath, and he’s been forced to assist in his heinous crimes. His bleak world begins to change when he meets Yoon Kyun, a girl who not only helps him confront his harrowing reality but also teaches him about the redemptive power of love. This manhwa is a gripping mix of suspense and romance, offering a profound and intense reading experience for those seeking depth beyond the traditional love story.

FAQs on Best Romance Manhwa

What sets manhwa apart from manga or anime in terms of romance?

Manhwa often offers more in-depth character development and unique storytelling approaches, making the romance feel more authentic and emotionally resonant.

Can manhwa be a source of K-drama adaptations?

Absolutely! Many popular manhwas have been adapted into K-dramas, further proving their rich narrative potential. For more on this, check out manhwa to K-drama adaptations.

Conclusion: Celebrating Romance in Manhwa

This list of the best Manhwa romance offers a vast world of emotionally rich and visually captivating stories. From historical epics to modern-day tales, each manhwa on this list provides a unique glimpse into the multifaceted nature of love. These stories not only entertain but also resonate with readers, making them a vital part of the ever-growing world of manhwa.



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