"You Are My Desire" | "Daydreaming About Me" | "白日梦我" Manhua

Exploring “You Are My Desire” | “Daydreaming About Me” | “白日梦我” Manhua

Welcome to a special journey through the world of “You Are My Desire,” also known to many as “Daydreaming About Me” or “白日梦我.” This story is not just any comic; it’s a beautiful tale that brings together people from all over with its heartwarming and exciting moments. If you love stories that touch your heart and make you think, you’re in the right place!

"You Are My Desire" | "Daydreaming About Me" | "白日梦我" Manhua

What Makes “You Are My Desire” So Special?

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The Heart of the Story

The story centers around two main characters, Lin Yujin and Shen Wan. These two are not your average students; they come from families with lots of money. But here’s the twist: they both try to hide their wealth from each other and everyone around them. Why? Because they are competing for a scholarship that requires them to show they really need it. This situation leads to many funny, sad, and thoughtful moments as they navigate their daily lives pretending to be something they’re not.

Why Everyone Loves It

People from all around the world love You Are My Desire because it’s more than just a story about hiding who you are. It’s about dreams, friendship, and the lengths we go to for those we care about. It shows us that sometimes, we hide parts of ourselves not because we want to deceive others, but because we’re trying to find out where we truly belong.

Readers have praised You Are My Desire for its unique premise, engaging plot, and the dynamic between the main characters. It offers an emotional rollercoaster that explores themes of identity, ambition, and the façade people maintain in society. With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Kun Manga and 4.4 out of 5 on MANHWATOP, it’s clear that this manhua has struck a chord with its audience, accumulating thousands of monthly views and a passionate fan base.

The Magic Behind the Scenes

The manhua You Are My Desire comes to life thanks to the incredible talents of its creator, Qi Jian, and a team of artists who pour their hearts into every drawing. Their work invites us into a world that feels real and magical at the same time, making every moment of Lin Yujin and Shen Wan’s story a pleasure to experience.

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TV Series Adaptation: Bringing You Are My Desire to Life

You Are Desire poster

You Are My Desire, isn’t just a manhua anymore. It’s been turned into a TV show that keeps the main vibe of the story but adds some twists to the characters and plot. The show stars Zhou Yi Ran as Shen Juan and Sabrina Zhuang as Lin Yu Jing, diving deep into their lives as they navigate through the ups and downs of growing up.

What’s New in the You Are My Desire TV Series

In the TV adaptation, Lin Yu Jing moves to a new city with her dad after her parents split up. Starting fresh isn’t easy, especially when you’re joining a new family because of your dad’s remarriage. But Lin Yu Jing finds warmth and welcome in her new stepmom and stepbrother, Fu Ming Xiu. School’s another challenge, yet she quickly makes friends and meets Shen Juan, her not-so-friendly seatmate who’s repeating a year.

Their journey from high school to university is full of reconnections, separations, and reunions. Lin Yu Jing has to leave her new life behind when her mom takes her back home, but fate brings her and Shen Juan back together in university. This time, Shen Juan is dealing with his own family troubles and struggles to find his way out of dark times. With Lin Yu Jing and their friends’ support, both of them start to heal and discover their paths in life.

This TV series is a heartfelt expansion of the original “You Are My Desire,” exploring deeper into the characters’ backgrounds and their growth. It’s a story about finding where you belong, making sense of your past, and looking forward to your future.

Adapted from the novel “Bai Ri Meng Wo” by Qi Jian, the series brings a fresh take on the beloved story, promising new adventures and emotional journeys for Lin Yu Jing and Shen Juan. Whether you’re a fan of the manhua or new to the story, this TV adaptation is a must-watch, full of heart, challenges, and the power of connection.

Check out the You Are My Desire trailer!

Join the Adventure

Whether you’re new to manhua or a long-time fan, You Are My Desire is a story you don’t want to miss. It’s easy to find online, and with new pages added regularly, there’s always something new to look forward to. Join Lin Yujin and Shen Wan as they discover more about themselves, each other, and the true meaning of desire.

You Are My Desire continues to be an ongoing series, with regular chapter updates that keep the story fresh and engaging for its readers. Whether you’re a fan of drama, romance, or school life narratives, this manhua promises an enthralling experience that blends all these elements seamlessly.

A Story for Everyone

One of the best things about You Are My Desire is how it speaks to people of all ages. Whether you’re still in school, working, or somewhere in between, there’s something in this story for you. It reminds us that no matter where we come from or what we’re hiding, our dreams and desires connect us all.

For readers who are particularly drawn to stories of love and connection, Heaven Official’s Blessing Manhua offers a deep dive into a romance that transcends boundaries, echoing the emotional depth and universal themes found in You Are My Desire.

Conclusion: More Than Just a Story

As we’ve seen, You Are My Desire is more than just a manhua. It’s a journey of discovery, friendship, and learning to be true to oneself. It’s a reminder that our desires, dreams, and the people we meet along the way make life the beautiful adventure it is.

So, if you’re looking for a story that will make you laugh, cry, and dream, look no further. You Are My Desire is waiting for you to turn the page and dive into a world where anything is possible when you dare to dream.

For those interested in diving into the world of You Are My Desire, you can find it on various manga and manhua reading platforms such as Kun Manga and MANHWATOP, where it’s available for readers to catch up on all the latest chapters​​​​.


You Are My Desire| Daydreaming About Me | 白日梦我 FAQ

1. What is “You Are My Desire” about?

“You Are My Desire” is a captivating manhua that tells the story of Lin Yujin and Shen Wan, two wealthy individuals who go to great lengths to hide their affluence from each other in a comedic battle of wits and wills. The narrative weaves drama, romance, and the trials of school life into a rich tapestry of storytelling.

2. Who created “You Are My Desire”?

This manhua is the brainchild of Qi Jian, with remarkable artwork contributed by a talented team of artists. Together, they bring the story to life with vivid illustrations and engaging narratives.

3. Why is “You Are My Desire” popular?

Its popularity stems from the unique storyline that combines elements of romance, drama, and slice-of-life with a humorous twist on the dynamics between the two main characters. Additionally, the beautiful artwork and the relatable themes of identity, ambition, and personal growth resonate with a wide audience.

4. How many chapters does “You Are My Desire” have?

As an ongoing series, “You Are My Desire” regularly releases new chapters. For the latest chapter count and updates, readers are encouraged to check manga and manhua reading platforms.

5. Where can I read “You Are My Desire”?

You can find “You Are My Desire” on various manga and manhua reading platforms such as Kun Manga and MANHWATOP. These sites offer the latest chapters, allowing fans to stay up-to-date with Lin Yujin and Shen Wan’s intriguing journey.

6. What are the alternative names for “You Are My Desire”?

You Are My Desire” is also known by its alternative titles “Daydreaming About Me” and “白日梦我.”

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