Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Introduction to “Virtual World: Close Combat Mage”


“Virtual World: Close Combat Mage” is a manhua that tells the story of Gu Fei, a real-life martial artist who accidentally becomes a mage in a virtual game. This mix-up turns into an exciting adventure as Gu Fei combines his fighting skills with magic, creating a new way to play in the game’s world. This story is special because it mixes real-life martial arts with the fantasy of video games, making it a unique read for fans of both worlds.

Background and Concept

Created by the writer Butterfly Blue, this manhua began in 2018 and has caught the interest of many readers. The story is set in a virtual reality game called Parallel World. Here, the main character, Gu Fei, applies his martial arts knowledge to navigate and conquer challenges in a magical gaming environment.

Story’s Heart: The core idea is about breaking the usual rules of the game. Instead of just being a mage who casts spells from a distance, Gu Fei fights up close, using his martial arts skills. This twist makes the story different and shows how Gu Fei creates his own path in the game world.

Creators and Artists: Butterfly Blue, the author, is known for his storytelling. In this manhua, his tale is brought to life with vivid pictures that help readers dive deep into the game’s world. The artists make sure every scene is exciting, especially when Gu Fei fights or uses magic.

Why It’s Interesting: This manhua connects with the modern love for video games and virtual reality, adding a touch of traditional martial arts. It’s a great read for people who like gaming stories and also for those who enjoy action-packed martial arts tales.

“Virtual World: Close Combat Mage” is more than just a comic; it’s a bridge between the old and new, where traditional martial arts meet the futuristic world of gaming, offering a fresh and thrilling experience for readers everywhere.

Virtual World Close Combat Mage Chapter 1

The Story and People of “Virtual World: Close Combat Mage”

“Virtual World: Close Combat Mage” is about Gu Fei, who is a super good fighter in real life but gets stuck playing a magic-user in a video game. He’s not happy about it at first, but he figures out how to make it work. Instead of just throwing spells from far away, he gets up close and personal, mixing his fighting skills with magic to beat his enemies. This makes him a different kind of hero in the game world.

Who’s Who:

  • Gu Fei: He’s the main guy of the story. In real life, he’s a gym teacher who knows a lot about fighting. In the game, he becomes a mage but fights like a warrior.
  • Ah Fa: This is one of Gu Fei’s students who accidentally causes the mix-up in the game. He’s important because he’s the reason Gu Fei ends up in this adventure.

As the story unfolds, we meet friends and foes in the game, all adding spice to Gu Fei’s journey through this virtual adventure.

Drawing and Style of the Manhua

The way “Virtual World: Close Combat Mage” is drawn really makes it pop. The artwork is full of life, showing off cool fight scenes where Gu Fei uses his martial arts against magical backdrops. It’s like watching a high-action movie but in comic form.

What makes the art special:

  • Action Packed: The fight scenes are drawn with lots of energy, making you feel like you’re right there in the action.
  • Characters with Style: Everyone in the story looks unique, helping us tell who’s who and get what they’re all about.

The art does more than just tell the story; it pulls you in and makes you feel part of the magical, action-packed world of Gu Fei.

Virtual World Close Combat Mage Chapter 274

Cultural Impact and Reception

Reception of the Manhua Among Readers “Virtual World: Close Combat Mage” has received mixed reactions from its audience. Fans of the genre appreciate its unique blend of martial arts and gaming, celebrating the innovative character of Gu Fei who breaks the traditional mold of a mage. However, some readers criticize the virtual game’s design within the story as lacking depth and realism, and the depiction of female characters has also been a point of contention. Despite these criticisms, the manhua maintains a loyal readership intrigued by its premise and the fusion of different elements.

Comparisons and Influences

Comparison with Other Works in the Same Genre “Virtual World: Close Combat Mage” is often compared to works like “The King’s Avatar,” another story that combines the real world with in-game elements but with a focus on professional gaming rather than fantasy combat. While “The King’s Avatar” emphasizes strategy and teamwork in a more realistic setting, “Virtual World: Close Combat Mage” stands out for its blend of fantasy and real-life martial arts skills, offering a different perspective on the VRMMO genre.

Influences from Gaming and Other Media The manhua reflects a growing interest in virtual reality and MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), drawing inspiration from these gaming experiences to create a narrative that resonates with gamers and fans of fantasy alike. It also taps into the rich vein of martial arts culture, blending it with fantasy gaming tropes to create a unique narrative experience.


“Virtual World: Close Combat Mage” offers a distinctive experience in the realm of gaming and fantasy manhua. It combines the intense physicality of martial arts with the imaginative possibilities of virtual reality gaming, creating a narrative that challenges traditional genre boundaries. While it has its critics, particularly regarding game mechanics and character development, the manhua’s innovative approach to its protagonist’s role within the game world keeps readers engaged and curious about the possibilities of this hybrid genre.

Personally, I find the manhua’s attempt to merge different worlds—martial arts and virtual gaming—both ambitious and refreshing. It offers a new perspective on how characters can navigate and influence their worlds, making it a noteworthy addition to the genre. For readers looking for a story that deviates from the norm and blends action with fantasy in unexpected ways, “Virtual World: Close Combat Mage” is certainly worth exploring.

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